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We hold services on Shabbat and on High Holidays.

As we have to find a compromise fitting most of our members the service times don't necessarily match the sunset times.


The evening services start at 19:30 o'clock.

The morning services begin at 9:30 o'clock in the morning.


The prayer services on High Holidays may sometimes deviate from the usual times. For detailed information please check our German site or contact us.


As we are a united community, consisting of orthodox, liberal and secular members we follow the policy of the most Jewish communities in Germany. In this concept the rabbi is orthodox and the services are held according to the orthodox rite. The reason is very pragmatic: While reformed and secular Jews can attend an orthodox service, orthodox Jews usually do not accept a reformed service and rabbi.


Although in our synagogue men and women sit separated, there is no mechitza, making it for the women possible to fully take part in the service. This is another copromise which helps us keeping the balance between the different factions in the community.